Healthy Snacks and More

One truism of the 21st century life is that we are all very busy juggling multiple roles we have to play in our lives.

I run a Bed and Breakfast place in south of France, consult with local municipal authorities on an environmental project and have obligations to my family members and friends, all of which need to get done according to deadlines set by others.

I also have a house which has its own demands as it dates back to the 17th century. Even though it has been modernized a number of times, in order to ensure that its old charm is maintained, I need to pay continuous attention. This takes regular efforts and demands quite a bit of creativity.

In between doing all of those, we of course have to eat and eat well. By this I mean that we have to pay attention to eating healthy and balanced food.

This is what my page is all about!

I’ll focus on healthy snacks and more. By more, I mean breakfast and lunch.

My Indian friends feel quite strongly that they need help with ideas on healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks. What is more is that as we are all busy, the recipes need to be easy to follow, and the ingredients and recipes should be easily available and not be too time consuming.

This is going to be a challenge. But what is new?

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