Smashing dessert week – Homemade Mango and strawberry Phirni

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In this edition of my smashing dessert week, I would like to share one very simple yet complicated dish from the land of Nawabs of Lucknow who were known for their food and hospitality. This dish is called Phirni. it’s a simple thickened milk with rice flour but needs a very careful attention to details in order to make it tasty or it can go horribly wrong.

Sharing with you today my version of Phirni recipe which is easy and yet quite tasty.

Enjoy the dish and let me know your thoughts and suggestions at [email protected]


Portion – 6

Milk – 1 Ltr

Rice flour – 90 gms

Sugar – 80 gms

Cooking cream – 150 ml

Cardamom powder – 4 nos

Mango Pulp tin / fresh – 250 ml

Strawberry Chopped – 10 nos


In a deep bottom pan mix milk, rice flour, sugar, cream and cardamom powder. Boil them while stirring continuously with a whisk on a low flame.
After it boils, stir until it settles as thick mass and then remove from heat and add mango pulp.
Mix well and pour in decorative glasses or mud pot.
Chill for 3 hours and serve chilled with chopped strawberry on top.

Cooking tip: Cooking on slow flame instead of boiling is the key to a good Phirni as it allows the ingredients time to infuse and the final flavor is good with no after taste of rice flour.

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